Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana

This Indiana Pizza Shop Is A Joke, But It Reveals A Real Problem With The Law

Recently, a pizza shop in Indiana told a news station that the pizza shop would deny service to a same-sex couple. The shop would especially deny service to any homosexual couple looking for the shop’s service in catering the couple’s wedding. The pizza shop is called Memories Pizza. The owners of Memories Pizza, the O’Connor family, are Christians who believe firmly in their religious beliefs. They also agree to the controversial bill passed by Indiana governor Mike Pence, called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is an act that expresses freedom of religion. This act mostly targets homosexual people because there are people who believe homosexuality is a sin and will deny the homosexuals in businesses.

It may be the O’Connor’s belief to deny service to a homosexual couple but it is still discrimination because the pizza shop is denying service to any gay couple who comes into their shop looking for Memories Pizza to cater for the couple’s wedding. However, along with Memories Pizza and other businesses, these businesses serve the public. It is unfair to deny service to anyone that does not follow the business owner’s religion. The business owner should deny service to a customer if the customer is acting in a way that is threatening or harming the other customers or the owners in the store.

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