Trans-gender Murders

Already Three Black Trans Women Have Been Brutally Murdered in 2015 

Recently three transgender women of color have been brutally murdered. The three African-American women mentioned in this article are Goddess Edwards, Lamia Beard, and Ty Underwood. Goddess Edwards was 20 years old and lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. As the article states, Goddess Edwards name had been stolen from her, so the National Director of Trans Women of Color Collective, Lourdes Hunter, decided to call her Goddess Edwards.  Goddess Edwards was the first reported trans-woman of color to be murdered in 2015. However, due to misgendering from the media and the law enforcement, not all of the information, along with the others, has been released. Edwards was murdered on January 9th with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Lamia Beard was 30 years old and lived in Norfolk, Virginia. She loved music and played a variety of instruments. She even got a full ride scholarship to Bethune Cookman College. She was just like any other person. She was accepted and loved by her friends and family. On the morning of Saturday, January 17th, Lamia was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital due to life-threatening gunshot wounds. She later passed away.

Ty Underwood was 24 years old and lived in Tyler Texas. She was an assistant at a nursing home. She was accepted into the Kilgore College’s nursing program. She was murdered nine days after Lamia Beard was murdered. Ty was found in her car with three gunshot wounds on Monday, January 26. No arrests have been made in either of the cases.

These women’s stories are not getting the media coverage they deserve. All transgender people who have committed suicide or have been murdered despite the race, ethnicity, and gender, deserve the media’s attention so that public opinion will become more involved. All these women had plans for their future. Their skills, hobbies, goals and dreams never changed from when they were men to when they were women. These women were still the same but they were even happier with the support of their family and friends throughout the transition. No one should take away the life of a person because they are different or have different beliefs.

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