Wedding Planning Controversy

WATCH: Florida Wedding Planner Can’t and Won’t Work with Lesbian Couple

Planning a wedding is stressful but can also be enjoyable, especially when planning that wedding will lead to the most wonderful day of the couple’s life. The journey of marriage-hood starts with a good wedding planner.  The wedding planner can choose to deny a request if the wedding planner is overbooked and other reasons. But do those reasons to turn down a request include not feeling comfortable planning a wedding for lesbian couples?

 After receiving a letter that the owner of Simply Elegant Wedding Planning, Lana Rusev, in Jackson, Florida, could not plan the wedding because of an over-booking issue, Melissa McCord posted the letter on Facebook. The comments on this letter was not just because of the over-booking problem, it was because of the fact that Rusev did not want to plan for lesbian couples. So far there have been many negative comments on Simply Elegant Wedding Planning Facebook page. Rusev stated on a TV station that as an immigrant from Ukraine, she feels like a victim because her family “fled from a country that persecuted people for their belief [Christian].” According to the article, right-wing activist and Family Research Council president, Tony Perkins stated that the hostility Rusev faced in the Soviet Union is returning with the negative comments on Facebook in America.

Here is another account of inequality between the homosexual communities. I believe that if it is against Lana Rusev’s beliefs, then she should not do anything that would oppose that belief. However, religious beliefs should not play a role in the business world. Lana Rusev’s statement on the TV station was contradictory in my opinion because if people in the Soviet Union were persecuted because of their beliefs, then why did Rusev discriminate against the McCord couple based on the couple’s belief?  No one should be denied of service just because they are lesbian couples. Despite the fact that they are lesbians, nobody should have to look for specific wedding planners who don’t discriminate against couples.

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