Get Your Licenses Here!

Who Gets a Gay Marriage License?

Certificate of Marriage license sample (Courtesy of Google)

Florida has overturned gay marriage due to a judge’s ruling on the ban. This means same-sex couples can get marriage licenses and get married. In Chipley, Florida, Ozzie Russ and Steve Schlairet will be allowed to get a marriage license after 18 years together as a couple. However, county clerks of court are not sure if the couple will be the only same-sex couple to get a marriage license or if all same-sex couples can. The reason county clerks of court are unsure to give the licenses out because of a risk of criminal penalty. The couple clerks in Washington County were advised by the attorneys not to hand out the marriage licenses or risk criminal penalty. The couple filed a successful lawsuit about the gay marriage ban. While Washington County, where the couple is from, will hand out the marriage licenses, other counties in Florida are waiting for the judge’s ruling.

It is implied by the author that the couple, Ozzie Russ and Steve Schlairet, want same-sex couples in Florida’s counties to also get marriage licenses. Every couple who is qualified to get a marriage license and wants one should be getting a marriage license. Following Florida’s footsteps in handing out marriage licenses to same-sex couples is a first step to any state who has not done so already.

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