Not Offensive to You, Not Offensive to Me

The Interview

Watch it to battle tyranny! But not for the laughs. 

A good comedy movie will always make me laugh out loud no matter the scenario. Who wouldn’t want a great laugh while watching a more than an hour long movie? Apparently that would be North Korea ‘s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. Of course, Kim Jong-un wouldn’t laugh at this movie, The Interview, that has to do with stereotypical Asian jokes and the task to assassinate the North Korean dictator. This satirical-comedy based on an interview with the North Korean leader would offend Kim Jong-un. As a result of the threats, many United States citizens believe from valid evidence, that North Korea hacked Sony Pictures. In fact, North Korea threatened anyone who watched The Interview, and would then create a terrorist attack.

            Despite the threats, Sony Pictures released as of 1PM on December 24th ,The Interview, in select theaters in few cities. The Interview is also available online via YouTube, Google Play, Xbox video, and Sony’s website. No movie should be excluded from the public. Freedom of speech plays a very evident role in this situation. The article gives readers insight on what to expect when watching The Interview. The author then goes on to describe certain parts of the movie. This movie shouldn’t have been taken out of the movie theaters in the first place. This situation is about freedom of speech and it is the public’s decision to watch the movie or not.

            There are movies that people have been offended by. Not everyone will like the movie. Some will just laugh it off and move on. In addition to offensive movies, Grouplove, an American Indie Rock band, released the music video for Ways To Go in 2013. In the music video, the band members are playing the song while a younger version of Kim Jong-un is starting his day. In a BuzzWorthy article, the band is promoting peace and understanding to North Korea. Whether it’s a satirical-comedy movie or an indie-pop music video, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but the intention of the creators should be known.

The Interview poster

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