And I Thought We Could All Eat at Restaurants

Couple says they were asked not to come back to East Texas restaurant because they are gay

A freedom of where you choose to is always something people take for granted. Most of us have the choice to dine wherever we want to eat without any discrimination towards the patrons or the waiters and employees. But that wasn’t the case in Pittsburg, Texas when a homosexual couple was banned from returning to the restaurant. That restaurant called Big Earl’s Restaurant have a policy that states “Welcome to BIG EARL’S Where MEN act like MEN WOMEN act like LADIES NO SAGGY PANTS We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”.

538d57103913a.imageThe gay couple, Collin Dewberry and Kelley Williams, were leaving the restaurant after eating when the waitress who is also the restaurant owner’s daughter said that they don’t serve homosexuals at the restaurant. Except she used a very offensive and derogatory term at the couple instead of stating the statement in a formal manner. She then repeated the restaurants policy. The couple believes that they have done nothing wrong and Earl, the restaurant owner, states that the couple’s behavior of touching legs, was against the policy. However when the couple asked how a man should act, Earl said, “…man’s supposed to stand up and be a leader…”  The restaurant is a family restaurant so sexual actions aren’t allowed. But refusing service of a couple due to their sexuality is not equality.

 Of course restaurants have the right to refuse service due to bad behavior, however restaurants should not discriminate based on a person’s sexuality or race. Based on the restaurant’s reviews another case where a black man was refused service at the restaurant. I believe that there should be equal service for all types of patrons in a restaurant. Unless the patron is nude or is behaving inappropriately, then the restaurant has the right to refuse the service. Where do restaurants draw the line between inappropriate behavior and sexual orientation?

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