The Apple Falls From the Post

Russian Memorial to Apple Founder Dismantled After CEO Says He’s Gay

The Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs’s memorial was dismantled in St. Petersburg, Russia recently. But what was the reason for dismantling it? It certainly wasn’t due to repairs. The reason for dismantling the memorial is that Tim Cook, who succeeded Steve Jobs, came out as homosexual. The memorial was constructed near a St. Petersburg college by a Russian group of companies called ZEFS. According to ZEFS, the two-meter high iPhone monument was taken down because Russian law states that “gay propaganda and other sexual perversions among minors are prohibited by law.”

But what exactly is gay propaganda? The federal law signed by President Putin defines propaganda as any nontraditional information that is aimed towards minors which includes sexual attitudes and attractiveness of sexual relations. Anyone found breaking the anti-gay law will be fined starting at 4,000-5,000 rubles (about $120-$150 US dollars). President Putin signed this law last year to promote and sustain the traditional values. However, while instilling traditional values is beneficial to the Russian community, the gay community in both the United States and Russia are outraged.

The memorial does not represent Tim Cook. It is a memorial of Steve Jobs. However when people look at the memorial, they will picture the company as a whole which includes Tim Cook. The Russian government only took it down to protect the young scholars and people of the gay propaganda and mean no discrimination to homosexuals. But how else can one learn about our society if one is shielded away by their government? Not only does the memorial show the strength and hard work over the years of Steve Jobs and the Apple Company, it would inspire the young scholars out in the world to believe in themselves and to never give up.

Tim Cook came out as gay in order to help civil rights. The Russian government even went as far as to prohibit Cook from entering Russia. The gay propaganda limits the individuality of a person . People wont be able to learn if they are not open to change.

Russians tear down Steve Jobs Memorial

Tim Cook

Tim Cook

Steve Jobs memorial

Steve Jobs memorial

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