Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidates

President Obama, Gov. Christie Stump for Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidates

The gubernatorial election or otherwise known as the governor election is happening on November 4, 2014. However, today in Pennsylvania, the main candidates, Democrat Tom Wolf and Republican Gov. Tom Corbett are getting major support from popular politicians. President Barack Obama will influence the voters of Tom Wolf and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be an influence to the Tom Corbett voters.

President Obama came to Temple University to motivate voters to vote for Tom Wolf for the mid-term election. Tom Wolf is a Democratic first time candidate who ran his family business for nearly 3 decades. Wolf plans to restructure the state income tax rate that would most likely have the people who earn more than others, have a bigger responsibility. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, would favor Tom Wolf. Most of the Philadelphian voters would not be in favor of another term of Tom Corbett. Tom Corbett has been unpopular probably due to his budget cut that impacted the financially-troubled schools or the voter identification bill.

For Pennsylvania’s current governor, Republican Tom Corbett, New Jersey Governor and a potential presidential candidate, Chris Christie will support Corbett today in Bucks County. Earlier today, Corbett spent his time in churches and visited Philadelphia suburbs before shaking hands with volunteers at a campaign office. Christie has been with Corbett in other campaigns. Due to the major budget cuts towards Philadelphia schools, and cut business taxes, Corbett is very unpopular in the city of Philadelphia.

Hopefully, President Obama and New Jersey governor and potential presidential candidate Chris Christie will influence the voters to vote for the opposing candidates.Wolf is currently leading the polls while Corbett is not that far behind. Philadelphia is a Democratic city. However, the fact that Philadelphia is one of Pennsylvania’s major and biggest cities, whoever wins Philadelphia’s suburban counties will be assured of a victory.

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